Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is show God’s love in practical, tangible, everyday ways, and introduce people to Jesus.


  1. To be bold and faithful ambassadors of the Gospel in and around the community of Wiikwemkoong.
  2. To establish a Christ-centered church, make disciples, and train indigenous leaders
  3. To work actively towards reconciliation of the Church and First Nations people of Canada.


  1. Discipleship - Bring the Gospel to the First Nations community of Wiikwemkoong, teaching them to obey what Jesus has commanded. Empowering new Christians to go and make disciples who will make disciples. (Matthew 28:16-20)
  2. Compassion - Caring for those who might otherwise be neglected, showing the love of Christ to the marginalized. (James 1:27, Matthew 25:31-46, Matthew 22:36-40)
  3. Community engagement - To be in the community, with the people, engaging in all aspects of daily life and building Christ centered relationships.
  4. Local partnership - Partnering with local agencies where applicable to make programming stronger and aid in the efforts of local indigenous leadership.
  5. Local leadership - Investing in discipleship with the intention of building up indigenous leadership, and seeing them develop a passion for their people, and carry on the work of the Gospel among their own community.